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Conviction drabbles

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A drabble community in the vein of Thursday100, SVU100, CSI100, etc. for Dick Wolf's latest show, Conviction.

Physical and/or mental health permitting, challenges will be posted every Friday and will expire when the next challenge is posted.

Drabbles should be around 100 words or less. You'll not be crucified for going say... fifteen words over (especially if they're fifteen brilliant words), but *stern voice* try not to anyway, ya hear?

All fic posts should include a title, rating (g, pg, etc.), word count, and notes or other information (last one's optional).

Any R/NC-17 entries need to be under a cut. Ideally, all fics would be cut, but those have to be.

Crossovers with other series/shows in the Law and Order franchise are okay.

Feel free to ask questions (the challenge posts are the recommended place to do this if you don't feel like sending out an e-mail), because the only stupid question is the one you're asking yourself on the bus home you never ask.

Posts regarding news or communities that have something to do with Conviction are encouraged, because we all like knowing what's going on. Just put longer posts under a cut, please.

So do whatever you want. Get creative, paint the town red. Write angst or fluff, smut or slapstick. Whatever floats your boat. So long as you stick to the challenge of the week.

Happy writing!

- Your maintainer/moderator, gargyloveswolfy